Why Choose Designs For Life?

After Working for 30 years as lead designer and buyer at Accent Interiors, starting  my own business was a bit intimidating.  But because of family circumstances, I needed to work from home I knew that I wanted to be able to offer my clients aesthetically amazings homes that are also safe, comfortable and accessible. I want to design a plan with the future in mind. ” Interiors for Today and Tomorrow.” I still don’t love the “business ” part of having my own business, but I love what that allows me to do for you.

“Change is life’s only certainty.”

Children will grow older and larger, and so will their friends. Someone in your  family may break a bone and need the home to be accessible. You will have guests and celebrations. You may have older or younger long term visitors . Change is life’s only certainty and it often come unexpectedly and quickly.  A little pre-planning can make those changes less stressful.

What can a professional interior designer bring to my project
that I can not?

At Designs for Life my time and work skills are devoted to making your custom residential design project a success. My objective is to make the design and renovation process as stress-free on you and your family as possible so that you can go on with your busy lives.

I work in Wichita and all areas of South Central Kansas and would love to be a part of your project.
I have the vision to turn your ideas and needs into a reality.
I have the skills to design and manage the work, timeline and your budget.
I have reliable and dependable resources and contacts to complete the work.
I oversee delivery and quality aspects and take care of any glitches in a timely manner.
I know how colors and patterns work in a space and are able to determine the right scale, proportions and quality of furnishings and finishing materials that are right for your particular project.

How does the process work?

  • It  all starts with a phone call or email from you. We openly discuss your project, your family, your needs and wants. If you like what we have to say and it seems like the right fit for both of us, I will schedule a time to visit your home when all of the decision makers will be present. At that time I will gather information, take photos and basic measurements for the project. We will talk timelines and address any questions that you may have, and hopefully determine a tentative budget.
  • I require a concept fee of $1000.00 ( 10 Hours time)   and  I will go back to the studio and begin work on your project concepts.
  • At our second meeting I will present color and design concepts for your space. There will be drawings, fabric suggestions, surface options, floor plans and other finishing elements. A working budget must be established at this time and a contract stating the responsibilities of both parties will be provided and signed.
  • After budget approval, a retainer of 80% of the working budget must be available to  the design company to proceed with ordering and contract work. #projectconcept
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  •             #projectbudget

The decision to hire an Interior Designer is not an easy one.

I am honored when my clients place their trust in me to guide them through changes in their spaces, and I would love to do the same for you.

Why do the designers need to know
my budget?

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The Elephant in the room

When considering engaging a professional to assist you in designing or decorating a space, a little pre-planning will go a long way toward making you more comfortable with your decision. Typically, the budget is foremost in everyone’s mind, but it is the hardest thing to talk about openly.  Set a realistic amount that you are prepared to invest in the project and share it with your designer early in the process. We can’t read your mind and we don’t know what level of products to propose if we don’t know your price range.  Designers help you spend your money wisely and  can actually save you money since their knowledge and experience can prevent you from making expensive mistakes.

I do know that it is impossible to set a budget when you don’t know how much things cost. If you have never done any decorating, how would you know? Catch 22, right?

I am attaching a link to a list of cost estimates that I give my clients. The costs range from low to high,  from the basic “no bells and whistles” furnishings and finishes to the unlimited possibilities of a space designed just for you. Most of my clients are somewhere in the middle.

Budget Estimating Tool

Budget Estimating Tool
Use this as an aid in estimating a budget for your project
When you have an investment total in mind we can help you get the most beautiful room possible for your money.

Typical Items Need in a Design Project
These are merely suggested costs and can vary depending on the Client’s needs.


Paint (walls & ceiling, 12’ x 14’ x 9’) $1500 special finish @ $3000.00

WINDOW TREATMENTS (per lineal foot, per layer)
$250 $400. $600. ++ $300. +

Shades / Blinds (per foot) $200. $400. $ 550. +


Chair $1800 $2500 $4000+

Sofa / Loveseat $3500 $4500 $6000+

Bed Covering (Custom Set Q)
$2500 $4000 $5500+

Re-upholster Chair $1500 $2000 $2500

Re-upholster Sofa $3000 $4000 $8000+

Wallpaper for avg. Bedroom or Dining Room 16 s/r

Installed room price (12’ x 14’ x 9’) $2500 $ $3500 $5000 +

(+ prep work @ $25.00 per hour)

Accessories: art, lamps and decorative items

Small room $2500 $4000 ++

Dining fixture $1000. $2000. $3500.++

Area Rugs $1000 $2500. $5000. ++++

Tile back splash-per square foot…. $ 20 $40. ++++

Tile floor- per square foot-……… . $18 $35. ++++++

Wood floor- per square foot……. $20. $40.00

Granite-per square foot……… $78….group I plus cutouts +++

Quartz-per square foot………. $108 ….plus cutouts

Carpet -per square foot with pad…….. $ 8. $12. ++++++++

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