Two Designers Collaborate with one Vision

 A new Design Studio has opened at 3211 E Douglas. Vicki Flores, Certified Living In Place Professional, and Wendy Mayes, Certified Kitchen Designer are collaborating to bring the “Forever Home “concept to their clients.


3211 E Douglas Avenue, Wichita Ks



They believe that a home should enhance the quality of life for its residents no matter the age or family size . “We think that it makes personal and financial sense to invest in your home to make it  more comfortable, safe and  accessible so that you can add the elements that do enhance your personal life and enjoy it as long as you want”. They suggest that any home renovation should include these principles to ensure comfort, safety, wellness and accessibility.

The concept of Living In Place is replacing the outmoded Aging in Place for many reasons. This movement is getting international attention. Simply put, every home should be safe, comfortable and accessible for the people who live there and their guests. Vicki graduated the CLIPP program in 2016 and is the only Living In Place Professional / ASID designer in the Wichita area. She is now one of 33 International Ambassadors for Living In Place Institute.  The ambassador’s goals are to bring awareness to the public, construction and medical communities.

The two professional designers who have been practicing in the Wichita area  for more than 20 years are excited to be on the  cusp of this exciting movement toward a different approach to  residential design. They have worked together often in the past. Most importantly on the home Vicki Flores renovated for her family of 3 generations. The home is “forever home” to the Flores family. It was designed and renovated for the Flores’s in their 70s, their son, living with ALS and Vicki’s 90-year-old mother.

We are so excited to share this with our clients. For more information call 316-358-9672


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