Two Wichita design businesses plus one new space equal a lot more collaboration

Vicki Flores, left, and Wendy Mayes have separate design businesses but often collaborate on work and now share the same office space.








The coronavirus pandemic caused people to start working from home, and a lot are continuing to stay there.

Designers Wendy Mayes and Vicki Flores are taking the opposite route.

The two had always worked from home, but they decided to open a storefront together. Both women are long time members of The American Society of Interior Designers.

Mayes who is one of the few Certified Kitchen and Bath Designers (CKD) in the area, still has her Wendy Mayes Design, which focuses on kitchen and bath renovations, and Flores still has Designs for Life.

Now, both businesses are at 3211 E. Douglas between Reuben Saunders Gallery and the Crown Uptown Theatre.

“We collaborate together on a lot of projects,” Mayes said. “It’s just kind of easier to work together this way”

They like the area in part because it’s close to a lot of their suppliers, and it’s in the Douglas Design District.

“There’s just a great feeling here,” Flores said.

The space isn’t a showroom.“It’s a space where we can have our clients and guests come in and just sit and be comfortable and chat,” Flores said.

She’s a Certified   Living  In Place Professional (CLIPP) interior designer who specializes in what’s called “Living In Place.” That’s when a home is designed for people of all ages so that they can be comfortable, safe and well regardless of their circumstances. The home design prepares it for readiness for changes both expected and the unforseen.

Both Flores and Mayes live in multigenerational homes and incorporate features into their designs and layouts to make it easier for anyone of any age to use a home.

“We have just become passionate about it,” Flores said.

The two can show their work via a video monitor, and Flores said they can do a lot of preliminary design from a distance.

We are Designing from Distance…………. for a limited time

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The Designing from a Distance  process is simple and we hope fun for all of us. Fill out a questionnaire about your project which includes photos and measurements of your room(s). Include inspiration photos or link to some and choose your design package. ( or you can have a choice to do that later) Then we will visit with you via Zoom to clarify your wish list, and begin researching for your project.

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