Yes , the Flores/ Armstrong  household does believe in celebrating but we took it a bit too far this time. Being very involved in Living In Place, I am aware of all the usual “fall prevention” do’s and don’ts, and feel like I follow everything pretty closely. These falls were really not  covered by those guidelines.

The first occurred in the dining room when Dot and I tried to share the same space at the same time. One little butt bump and she was on the floor. She is not very adept at righting herself. Luckily Jim was home so together we were able to get her upright and  steady enough to use her walker.  She was a bit bruised  and tender for  a week or so.  She is an amazing woman. I know that she gets angry for  her lack of ability, but she never complains.

Fall # 2 : Dot fought the dishwasher and the dishwasher won.  I was working upstairs and heard a loud array of sounds. I rushed into the kitchen and she was on the floor behind the island. Evidently, she was unloading the dishwasher and decided to reach across the open door to access a drawer in the island. That did not work out so well! Somehow she managed to fall over the door and land on her side. Her glasses flew off but she had a smallish cut on her eye where they had been. I managed to get her setting up right against the cabinets with ice on her cut. I knew that I could not get her up by myself so I called Dan ( thank goodness they only live a mile away). Alexis  relayed the message to him  and he was here  within 10 minutes. I called her doctor because I was concerned about her hitting her head and they thought she should come in. So when Dan arrived we got her up and he took her to her doctor. She got a clean bill of health and was a little stiff for a few days.

Fall #3: The cough that rocked the world

Just imagine having a cold when you have very little use of your arms and hands. Bryan faces  challenges every day because ALS has robbed him of the use of his hands and arms. He can still stand and walk but  if he loses his balance he can not use his arms to steady or catch  himself.  He was walking from his desk to his chair when  a bout of heavy coughing  developed. Before he could make it to the chair, he lost his balance and ended up on the floor.

Jim and I were up stairs when he called us on Alexa to say he need help.  With his directions we were able to get him scooted  with his back against his chair but we could not lift him into the chair. Thankfully, our neighbor (a 22 year old well built man) was able to assist us.

Someone said ” It takes a village to raise a child.” It also “takes a village” to keep a family together under 1 roof. These events do not happen every day or week but they did all three happen in September. I want to thank our village of family, friends and neighbors who are there for us providing love and support.


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