Meet Vicki Flores . . .

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My best friends are  my 40 something daughter Megan, who has an active and creative life in Kansas City and my 90 something mother Dot, 

with whom we happily share a home. I have played Bunko with the same group of  women for over 45 years and my work is constantly  exciting  and evolving thanks to my colleagues and clients. 

In 2014, I met my biggest challenge in my 30+ years as an Interior Designer – the need to transform our house into a comfortable, safe and accessible home that meets our long-term individual needs.  Consequently, my perspective on design has evolvedNow, my personal experiences and newfound knowledge allow me to provide so much more for my clients. 

Interiors for your today . . . and tomorrow

Vicki Flores is Wichita’s premier Living In Place Professional. She is the only interior designer in South Central Kansas to hold both ASID practitioner (American Society of Designers) and CLIPP (Certified Living In Place Professional) credentials. She is an award winning residential designer and owner of Designs for Life. She has been practicing interior design in the Wichita area for over 25 years. During this time, she has had the privilege to help hundreds of families create homes where they love to live, relax and entertain.

Designs for Life places great emphasis on designing interiors for life. Where will you be living in 5 Years? Change is life’s only certainty, and every one deserves a safe, comfortable, and accessible home. My goal is to anticipate those changes for your family when we work together on your design plan. I want your home to be your favorite place to be . . . for as long as you want to be there. Give me a call at (316) 992-1855 or send me a note . . .


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